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CVF is supporting three bills on Gov. Newsom's desk awaiting his potential signature: SB 523/McGuire will require counties to contact voters with missing vote-by-mail envelope signatures & let them submit a signature so their ballots are counted; SB 72/Umberg ensures Californians can register or change their party at polling places on Election Day; and AB 681/Gonzalez requires county registrars to notify voters of their party registration and presidential voting options before the March 2020 primary. 

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  CVF is helping voters get ready for March 2020! Check out the California Online Voter Guide including a new map highlighting the different voting models California counties will be using in the next election. 

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Election Security Isn't That Hard

Politico op-ed co-authored by former California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, who was responsible for ushering in voter-verifeid paper audit trails in California, explains how states can secure their voting systems with paper ballots, chain of custody requirements and post-election audits. 

OC Supervisors Back Off Uncertified Voting Machine Vendor

Voice of OC reports on how Orange County supervisors backed off efforts to pick a lower-ranked, uncertified vendor for voting and ballot counting machines in next year’s high-stakes elections

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Please contact Gov. Gavin Newsom and urge him to sign SB 72, SB 523 and AB 681 into law and help California voters exercise their voting rights in the 2020 Presidential primary and beyond.