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CVF supports SB 523/McGuire, to require counties to contact voters with missing vote-by-mail envelope signatures and ask them to submit a signature so their ballots are counted and not rejected. CVF also supports SB 72/Umberg to ensure Californians can register or update their party preference at their polling place on Election Day.

CVF in the News

KCRA News reported on May 29 about a mystery mailer sent from an unknown source to voters eligible to cast ballots in the June 4 Senate District 1 special election. CVF President Kim Alexander spoke out against the "vote-shaming" tactic utilized in the mailer in an attempt to pressure people to vote. 

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Help shape the future of California democracy! Apply for the Citizens Redistricting Commission and participate in designing the new legislative and congressional maps that will be implemented after the 2020 Census. The deadline to apply is August 9, more info at: Shapecaliforniasfuture.auditor.ca.gov

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